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The Journey To Black Belt Is Siimply - One Step At A Time. Here you can progress faster by practising at home too. As practising CORRECT technique is the way to master your next belt level.

Take Your Martial Arts Training To The Next Level With
The Tactical Defence Training System

No question about it, the skills and techniques you learn in class at Focus Martial Arts are practical, very effective and designed to protect you against a bigger stronger opponent and mastering them will seriously build your confidence, enthusiasm and motivation to become a Black Belt.

As Instructors dedicated to seeing improvements in student’s skill, strength, power and speed – we have seen first hand the impact on a student that actually practises at home.

The challenge many students have is…..
I would practise….. if I knew what to do

So this is why we have developed the world class ‘Tactical Defence Training System’ – that you can access anytime you want from any of your devices.

No longer does a student have to wait until the next class to be able to master what they just learnt. Now they can follow up at home and double check that they are doing it correctly by watching the detailed, instructional training videos in this online training system.

It’s Like Having Your Own Private Lesson At Home

The Tactical Defence Training System expands on the techniques and skills taught in our classes and will allow students to take the skills they have learnt in class and supercharge them ‘ninja-style, to become proficient and master them correctly.

Tactical Defence Training System Program

Another major reason we developed the online Tactical Defence Training System was to help parents, that truly wanted to be of benefit to their child in them practising their martial arts at home.

But how do you do that? ....when you have no-clue what a move or technique is actually supposed to look like.

So when developing this training system – we had the parents in mind.
Now parents can watch the short instructional training videos with their child – understand what is required and see the correct techniques, PLUS we describe what is incorrect, so parents know what to watch out for.

This training system STOPS ARGUMENTS. Parents can now simply say to their child – "when the Instructor is doing it on the video – they say that you need to keep your hands up" – then watch the video together & show your child where it is said.

You can even video your child – so they see what they are doing incorrectly – “it seems the Instructor has their hands up higher…. See that?”
Now parents can really help and work together with their child.

DON’T FORGET: the online training is no replacement for parents to actually join in and do the classes with their child (hint, hint), but it’s the next best alternative

The Benefits Of Doing This Program

To summarize, here are the amazing benefits of doing this program:

  • Build Confidence – by mastering the skills
  • Fast-track your progress through the belts
  • Achieve a higher pass level in your belt gradings
  • No excuses for NOT practicing at home
  • Extra tips for how, when and why to use specific techniques
  • Bonus training courses - to help with passing your next grading
    • Power Kicks
    • How To Make Blocks More Effective

"This has really assisted me as a Parent, to actually be beneficial in helping Will while he is learning "

- Lisa